joi, 10 iulie 2008

Single Bullet Theory - Single Bullet Theory (1982)

“The new wave band Single Bullet Theory was shot down by major-label heartaches before they were truly given a chance to be heard. Single Bullet Theory formed in Richmond, VA, in 1976 as X-Breed, a group featuring Michael Maurice Garrett (vocals), Frank Daniel (guitar), and Dennis Madigan (drums). The band changed its name to Single Bullet Theory after Gary Alan "Goober" Holmes (guitar) and Davey Wynn (bass) joined. Inspired by the do-it-yourself ethic of British punk rockers, the group recorded and released their debut EP by themselves. However, Wynn departed from the band before the session was over, replaced by guitarist "Mudd" Herman. Daniel played the bass instead. Herman didn't last; the band added bassist Keith MacPhee and Daniel returned to his guitar. In 1979, the group opened for Patti Smith, one of numerous weekly gigs in the Big Apple that started to reward them with positive press clippings. The band was then asked to contribute a track to the compilation LP Sharp Cuts, distributed by Elektra/Asylum. The song "Keep It Tight" would eventually become Single Bullet Theory's lone appearance on the U.S. pop charts, peaking at number 78. In 1982, the group was offered a deal by Mike Curb Productions. However, the band wanted to release a single with their photograph on it. The label rejected the idea because of its cost; when the group promised to pay for it themselves, the company was incensed and withdrew their offer.

Single Bullet Theory - Keep It Tight
A year later, Single Bullet Theory was signed to the Nemperor label, a subsidiary of CBS Records. The band began recording their first album, a record given a pop polish that didn't accurately capture their sound. The video for "Keep It Tight" was added to MTV in 1984, but CBS abruptly stopped promoting it. "Hang On to Your Heart" was supposed to be Single Bullet Theory's breakthrough single; however, CBS never released it. Disillusioned by the music industry, especially CBS' lack of support, Single Bullet Theory broke up before releasing another LP.” (From AllMusicGuide).

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