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Immaculate Fools - Another Man's World (1990)

“The British band the Immaculate Fools became so popular in Spain that they eventually moved there. Formed in London, England, in 1984, the Immaculate Fools was comprised of Kevin Weatherill (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, bass), Paul Weatherill (acoustic bass, backing vocals, percussion), Brian Betts (acoustic guitar, slide guitar, percussion, mandolin), and Barry Wickens (violin, dulcimer, acoustic guitar, accordion). Although the group landed on the charts in Britain, their hybrid of Celtic music, folk, and alternative rock found even more success in Spain and Germany. In 1987, their LP Dumb Poet was released in America by A&M Records and the Psychedelic Furs-esque track "Tragic Comedy" was a minor hit on college radio. The band toured with Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, Simple Minds, the Stranglers, and the Rolling Stones; however, they grew tired of the English music scene in the late '80s and relocated to Spain, where they were superstars.” (From AllMusicGuide).
This is a fantastic album, very hard to find anywhere . Immaculate Fools are really a lost band and all their albums were great. A must listen for everyone who enjoys really good music.

Download : Immaculate Fools - Another Man's World

The Plimsouls - Everywhere At Once (1983)

“After their two initial Planet Records albums, the Plimsouls took the major-label bait and signed on with Geffen Records. Everywhere at Once, their first Geffen album, has mixed results. While the change to a major label did have a profound impact on the band, it wasn't always for the best. While Jeff Eyrich's somewhat heavy-handed production did take a little air out of their performance, the end result is far less clinical than other major-label mainstream rock records of the day. Everywhere at Once does contain the Plimsouls' greatest recorded achievement, "A Million Miles Away," which packs all of the passion and punch of some of John Lennon's finest recordings with a wonderful power-driven Byrds-like arrangement. Other standouts on this record include "Play the Breaks" which, while not quite as awesome as it is in a live performance (they were possibly the finest live band in Los Angeles in this period), still shines.” (From AllMusicGuide).

Download : The Plimsouls - Everywhere At Once

Plimsouls - Million Miles Away

Jellyfish - Spilt Milk (1993)

“For their second album, Jellyfish replaced the departed Jason Falkner with Tim Smith on bass. Jon Brion also came aboard with Lyle Workman to add to lead singer Andy Sturmer's guitar work. With Sturmer and keyboard player Roger Manning in place, however, Jellyfish managed to outdo their impressive debut with 1993's Spilt Milk. Spilt Milk expands on the sound of Bellybutton and is much more a studio creation than its predecessor. Dreamy vocal harmonies, circus-like swirling organ passages, and crunchy guitars are layered in a manner that evokes the best of the Beatles and the Beach Boys. "Hush," the lead track, particularly recalls the Beach Boys with its luscious vocal harmonies, as does the pure pop of "The Ghost at Number One." And, as expected from this cast, the infectious, melt-in-your-ear melodies are accompanied with clever lyrics like those on the raucous "Joining a Fan Club " and the masturbation ode "He's My Best Friend." Spilt Milk is a flawless pop gem from start right through the unbridled optimism of the closing "Brighter Day." (From AllMusicGuide).

Download : Jellyfish - Spilt Milk

Jellyfish - New Mistake

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The Lucy Show - ...undone (1985)

“The Lucy Show was a rock band that was formed in London, England in early 1983. The band was formed by Mark Bandola (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Rob Vandeven (vocals, bass), with Pete Barraclough (guitars, keyboards), and Bryan Hudspeth (drums). Bandola and Vandeven, two Canadian-born friends who had moved to England in the late 1970s, shared song writing and lead vocal chores equally, although the bulk of the early (pre-album) material had been written by Vandeven. ...undone was released in 1985 in the UK and the U.S. on A&M Records. It was The Lucy Show's debut album. The band's sound at that time was brooding and melancholic, heavily influenced by -- and favorably compared to -- The Cure, Comsat Angels, and Joy Division. The album contains what are generally considered The Lucy Show's two best songs, "Ephemeral (This is no Heaven)" and "Undone". Guitarist Pete Barraclough once again provided vocals on the stand-out track "The White Space". Although it sold reasonably well in the United States, topping the CMJ charts there, the band was dropped by A&M UK at the end of the year, sending them in search of a new label. To date, ...undone remains out of print and has never been issued on CD.” (From Wikipedia).

Download : The Lucy Show - ...undone

The Long Ryders - Native Sons (1984)

“Native Sons was the first full-length album by the Long Ryders and the one that established their eclectic mixture of Byrds/Clash/Flying Burrito Brothers' influences. The band wore those influences on their sleeve, literally, going so far as to recreate the cover of an unreleased Buffalo Springfield album, Stampede, for Native Sons and using the producer of the first two Flying Burrito Brothers albums, Henry Lewy. Native Sons lovingly captures the band's musical obsessions, while turning in an original sound that became the banner for both the paisley underground and cow punk styles in the mid-'80s. Highlights include several forays into country on "Final Wild Son," the Mel Tillis composition "Sweet Mental Revenge," "Fair Game," and the humorous "Never Got to Meet the Mom," complete with a raging down-home banjo break. "Ivory Tower," featuring the late ex-Byrd Gene Clark on vocals, remains the greatest song the Byrds never wrote and one of the most sincere tributes to that band's sound. The album's final track, "I Had a Dream," reveals the punk sensibility, cranking the jangling Rickenbackers up to ten, closing with cacophonous feedback. On Native Sons, the Long Ryders pioneered a musical design that future alternative roots rockers would use as a manual.” (From All Music Guide).

Download : The Long Ryders - Native Sons

The Long Ryders - I Had a Dream

The Cynics - Blue Train Station (1986)

“For a debut release, Blue Train Station sounds very mature in its accurate display of classic rhythm and blues tinged with portions of folk-rock, psychedelia, and Hammond organ garage stomp. More than mere camp '60s revivalism, The Cynics hit upon a style of timeless, melodic rock with momentous pop melodies. The title track chugs along like a locomotive with full-powered R&B guitar strum and harmonica blasts, while the snarling punk scream of "No Way" is aided by the use of maracas. This album was later remixed and re-released as Blue Train Sessions with a bonus track on CD.” (From AllMusicGuide).

Download : The Cynics - Blue Train Station

That Petrol Emotion - Manic Pop Thrill (1986)

“After the Undertones broke up, Sean (formerly known as John) O'Neill and fellow Derry DJ Reámann O'Gormain formed That Petrol Emotion, with Sean's brother and Undertones bandmate Damian O'Neill joining on bass after the band moved to England. While they were more politically oriented and noisier than the Undertones, they managed to keep their former band's energetic, melodic kick. With their first album, Manic Pop Thrill, That Petrol Emotion became critics' favorites, as well as earning a respectable following in the U.K. Over the years, their music remained endlessly diverse, incorporating elements of every style of independent guitar rock. That Petrol Emotion's scintillating debut reminds everyone, first and foremost, what an incredible musical alliance the O'Neill brothers can be. Following a succession of independent singles (after all, who wanted to touch a couple of ex-Undertones in the mid-'80s?), they settled on Demon for this inspired debut. "It's a Good Thing," "Mouth Crazy," and "Circusville" are typical of the contents -- relentless pop hooks married to surging guitar chords, underpinned by hints of swamp blues and nods to garage rock and other mutant strains of the rock & roll animal. As naked, bold, and impassioned a record as had been heard in years. The title says it all.” (From AllMusicGuide).

Download : That Petrol Emotion - Manic Pop Thrill

Shack - Waterpistol (1995)

“The genesis of Waterpistol is one of the most convoluted in all of indie pop, and it's one of the genre's most legendary stories. The album was recorded in 1991, but (shades of Tater Totz's Alien Sleestacks from Brazil) the master tapes were destroyed when the studio caught fire. All was not lost, however, as producer Chris Allison had made a DAT safety copy before he left for an American vacation. Unfortunately, not knowing about the fire, Allison inadvertently left his DAT in his rental car. Amazingly, he was able to track it down with the help of the car rental company, but given that Shack's record company had gone under and the band had split up in the interim, the album didn't come out until the German label Marina Records rescued it in 1995. Like an acoustic-oriented version of the first Stone Roses album (or perhaps a less '60s-obsessed La's), Waterpistol mixes shimmering jangle pop tunes with leader Michael Head's alternately wistful and depressive lyrics. Melancholy without being overwhelmingly sad, Waterpistol includes a number of remarkably strong songs, like the relatively cheery "Mood of the Morning" and the achingly wistful ballads "Undecided" and "London Town," all of which top anything Head's previous combo, the Pale Fountains, managed. Though its non-release at the time was an exacerbating influence on Head's temporary descent into drugs and depression, Waterpistol is one of those rare "lost" albums that's actually as good or better than the hype suggests. This may actually be better than the more lauded H.M.S. Fable.” (From AllMusicGuide).

Download : Shack - Waterpistol

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For Against - December (1988)

"For Against's stark and chilling second album is their best, one of the most powerful dream pop releases of the late '80s. Harry Dingman's icicle shots of chiming guitars, Greg Hill and Jeffrey Runnings' agile rhythmic thrust, and Runnings' boyish (but every bit as forceful) vocals rarely combine for a less-than-riveting listen. With its fluid bass-and-drum punch and enveloping twists of guitars, December's most fitting reference point is the Chameleons' Script of the Bridge. Balancing the aggressive with the reserved just as well as its prime inspiration, December's nine songs float, skip, and roam with a level of immaculately-paced grace that can't be heard on most albums of the era. Runnings' anguished expressions of despair, resentment, and embittered bile hit with the same scythe-like precision of Bob Mould's best output -- in fact, given the atmospherics and complementary production at play (including the ideal amount of reverb), the songs are even more haunting than Mould's relatively pure-pop leanings. "The Last Laugh" is one of the first places to go for an example of the album at its best. After Runnings accuses a partner of giving him a nervous breakdown and pleads to get his life back, the song shifts into a dextrous tempo change that recalls the controlled jerkiness of post-punk's upper tier and spins catharsis back into fraught tension. At 36 minutes, December plays briefly but leaves the effect of an epic. Understated but full of ambition, it's a sticky trap. Though it was released on a respected label -- albeit one with limited distribution and exposure -- it's frustrating to think of how revered it would've been if it had instead featured a 4AD catalog number.” (From AllMusicGuide).

Download : For Against - December

The Adventures - Theodore And Friends (1985)

“Organized in London by vocalist Terry Sharpe and guitarist Pat Gribben (formerly of Belfast's Starjets), the Adventures also comprised vocalist Eileen Gribben, guitarist Gerard "Spud" Murphy, bassist Tony Ayre and drummer Pat Crowder. The group signed to Chrysalis and released their self-titled debut album in 1984 (Theodore & Friends was a re-packaged version for the U.S. market), but didn't find success until four years later, after moving to Elektra Records. The 1988 album Sea of Love contained the modest hit "Broken Land" but failed to move much beyond that. After another album the following year, Trading Secrets with the Moon, the Adventures drifted into obscurity.” (From AllMusicGuide).
Released back in 1985,'Theodore and Friends' is an album that proves The Adventures were one of the most underrated bands around at that time. Feel The Raindrops is absolutely gorgeous, but all the album is filled with quality tunes . This album is really a hidden gem from the 80’s.

Download : The Adventures - Theodore And Friends

Dramarama - Cinema Verite (1985)

“Probably the greatest rock release from 1985 that almost no one has ever heard, Cinema Verite is a simply fantastic album. Blending everything from British Invasion panache and glam influences to punk energy and back again, its cult legend was established by L.A. DJ legend Rodney Bingenheimer. He played "Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)" to death on his show and created a sizeable following for the New Jersey band in Southern California. It's no surprise why: "Anything, Anything" simply smokes, a rave-up for the modern day that starts with a blasting riff before hitting a high-speed punch that doesn't stop, while singer John Easdale details the highs and lows of a relationship with a breathless yowl. There's much more to Cinema Verite than that song, though, as even a casual listen demonstrates. Guitarists Mr. E Boy and Peter Wood distill the kick of performers like Keith Richards, Mick Ronson, and Mott the Hoople-era Mick Ralphs into a hot-wired combination, while rhythm section Chris Carter (bass) and Jesse (drums) hit the beat with heart and talent. Add in keyboardist Theothorous Athanasious Ellenis for final flair and the results are jaw dropping. "Scenario," for instance, is the greatest song the Psychedelic Furs never wrote, with a chugging beat, cut-to-the-chase solos, and Easdale's delicious Dylan-into-Ian Hunter-via-Bowie vocals creating the definition of energetic melancholia. Speaking of Bowie, there's a fantastic cover of his "Candidate," the freaked-out psychosis fully intact, not to mention a nicely dissipated take on the Velvet Underground's "Femme Fatale." Add in everything from the anguished kick of "Questions?" and the building explosion of "Some Crazy Dame" to the concluding elegance of "Emerald City," and this isn't a cult classic, but classic, period.” (From AllMusicGuide)

Download : Dramarama - Cinema Verite

Dramarama - Anything Anything

Flying Color - Flying Color (1987)

“In the tradition of John, Paul and George, Flying Color's three mop-topped songwriters traded lead vocals and writing chores on their one and only album, a timeless tribute to ringing guitars. Probably even more derivative of the Byrds or Buffalo Springfield than the Beatles, Flying Color's perfect, guitar-based pop and harmonies marked a movement in rock that would take another ten years to take hold in the mainstream, but the album -- in particular the standout tracks "Dear Friend" and "Through Different Eyes" -- sounds just as vital as when it was released.” (From AllMusicGuide).

Download : Flying Color - Flying Color

The Woodentops - Giant (1986)

“This album, the group's best, explores a wide range of variations on the band's signature manic pop style, here adding occasional marimba, trumpet, accordion, and strings to the mix. The nervous single "Get It On" is presented in an intricately redone version, an improvement over its appearance on Well Well Well. Other great jittery numbers here include the frantic "Love Train" and "Travelling Man," as well as the stun-level manic "Shout" and "Hear Me James." The midtempo numbers here are generally excellent, especially the warmly expressive "Good Thing" and the lovely, loping "Give It Time." "Last Time" is a sadly yearning number with some odd touches that nearly undermine its mood, while "So Good Today" is a breezy, accordion-dominated selection that shamelessly flirts with wimpiness and only partially escapes. "Everything Breaks" manages to combine martial drums, funk guitar touches, a ringing arrangement, and production-number aspirations into one very effective package. There are also two songs that are just plain wacky fun, the nerdy Devo-inspired number "History" and the hiccuping fiddle-flecked song "Love Affair with Everyday Living." Production values here are utterly inspired. If you like pure, bouncy pop, you'll love this release”. (From AllMusicGuide).

Download : The Woodentops - Giant

The Woodentops - Love Affair With Everyday Living