sâmbătă, 31 mai 2008

Immaculate Fools - Another Man's World (1990)

“The British band the Immaculate Fools became so popular in Spain that they eventually moved there. Formed in London, England, in 1984, the Immaculate Fools was comprised of Kevin Weatherill (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, bass), Paul Weatherill (acoustic bass, backing vocals, percussion), Brian Betts (acoustic guitar, slide guitar, percussion, mandolin), and Barry Wickens (violin, dulcimer, acoustic guitar, accordion). Although the group landed on the charts in Britain, their hybrid of Celtic music, folk, and alternative rock found even more success in Spain and Germany. In 1987, their LP Dumb Poet was released in America by A&M Records and the Psychedelic Furs-esque track "Tragic Comedy" was a minor hit on college radio. The band toured with Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, Simple Minds, the Stranglers, and the Rolling Stones; however, they grew tired of the English music scene in the late '80s and relocated to Spain, where they were superstars.” (From AllMusicGuide).
This is a fantastic album, very hard to find anywhere . Immaculate Fools are really a lost band and all their albums were great. A must listen for everyone who enjoys really good music.

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