duminică, 10 august 2008

Chasing Dorotea - Chasing Dorotea (2002)

“While buying magazines in a mall we noticed some truly wonderful music coming from the speakers. Gentle little songs with sensitive whispery vocals. We asked the boy behind the counter what it was. That boy was songwriter Christopher Sander and the wonderful music was by his very own; Chasing Dorotea.
In the autumn of 2001 Christopher Sander gathered a bunch of friends to join Chasing Dorotea, started playing live in Sweden and, most importantly, recorded this wonderful self titled album.
Some people have compared him to Nick Drake, Red House Painters and Belle & Sebastian. And Christopher Sander certainly has the same obvious talent for letting emotions go straight from guitar and vocals to heart of the listener. Expect this songwriter to stick around for a good time.” (From Labrador.se).

Download : Chasing Dorotea - Chasing Dorotea