vineri, 25 iulie 2008

Care - Diamonds & Emeralds (1997)

“Care were an Alternative Rock band formed by Paul Simpson and Ian Broudie in 1983 in Liverpool, England. The band released a string of singles in the 1980s but soon broke up without producing an album. Their songs, which include "Whatever Possessed You," "Flaming Sword," "My Boyish Days," and "Chandeliers," were compiled and released posthumously as the album Diamonds and Emeralds (1997, Camden/Sire Records).
Paul Simpson, in between Care's activity, was the vocalist of another English band, The Wild Swans, whose songs include the Zoo Records 12" single "The Revolutionary Spirit" and "Young Manhood," "Bible Dreams," and "Whirlpool Heart," from their first album Bringing Home the Ashes (1988, Sire); currently, Simpson uses the moniker Skyray and released the albums The Dream Diaries and Liquid Crystal Display, both in 2004.
Ian Broudie, on the other hand, became more successful after forming The Lightning Seeds in the late 1980s, releasing a string of albums which spawned hit singles like "Pure," "All I Want," "Life of Riley," "Three Lions," and "Life's Too Short." Now solo, Broudie released his first album, Tales Told, in 2004.” (From Wikipedia).

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