sâmbătă, 12 iulie 2008

The Serenes - Back to Wonder (1993)

“The Serenes were a rock band from Joure, Friesland, The Netherlands. They formed in 1988 and disbanded in 1994. Their jangle pop music is comparable with the music of bands like The Feelies, The Chills and the early sound of R.E.M.. The sound of their guitars and vocals are best described as bright and clean. Their songs contain melancholy English lyrics, inspired by the serenity and loneliness of the silent and flat sceneries of Friesland. Both of their albums are well recognized by Dutch music critics. Still their albums have a top status in the history of the Dutch underground scene.
Their second and final album, Back to Wonder, was released in 1993 and contained 11 tracks. Three tracks were released as a single: Every Sunday, Feel Me and Here. Ale Bosma had been replaced by Pyter Kuipers. Also Paul Dokter left te band, on stage Wieb Zigteme performed on a replacing guitar.” (From Wikipedia).

Download : The Serenes - Back to Wonder