sâmbătă, 26 iulie 2008

Marmoset - Today It's You (1999)

“Crafting a shambling, uniquely Midwestern take on British post-punk and psychedelic pop sounds, Indianapolis' Marmoset began playing in the '90s with the lineup of bassist/vocalist Jorma Whittaker, guitarist LonPaul Ellrich, guitarist/vocalist Dave Jablonski, and drummer Jason Cavan.
There's something in Marmoset's sound that's reminiscent of indie-rock in the early 1980s -- touches of the occasionally dark, Velvet Underground-influenced jangle of the Feelies, Mission of Burma, the less cutesy work of the Television Personalities, even the later work of Wire. On the other hand, there's also the jerkiness of a band like Slant 6, a bit of new wave, and a slight resemblance to early Unrest -- to Marmoset's credit, none of these references can really capture the unique but still familiar sound they've crafted. Today It's You offers a slew of rather brief songs in this vein, and while some are not entirely engaging, others are constructed in such interesting, off-kilter ways that they wind up being quite good ("Shatter the Lovely," "Speakers," "Laugh Giraffe").” (From AllMusicGuide).

Download : Marmoset - Today It's You