luni, 14 iulie 2008

Map of Wyoming - Trouble Is (2000)

“Singer/songwriter Dale Duncan broadens his territory on his second rural, country-rock, post-Flying Color expedition. Plenty of trusty twang pops in on songs like "Hilltop" (thanks to Tom Heyman's stringed instruments) and "I Still Need It" (with its punchy horn section). Duncan returns to his R.E.M.-ish/Byrdsy roots on "Hard to Find" and also sneaks in the subdued sound of his beloved Neil Young on songs like "Adiosote" and "How Long?" A cover of Fred Neil's "Little Bit of Rain" is in keeping with the Map's heartbreak/homegrown esthetic. Heyman, (formerly of Go to Blazes) and Larry Dekker (formerly of Translator) join Duncan and multi-instrumentalist Chris von Sneidern in the roots rock framework; Ralph Carney sits in on woodwinds.” (From AllMusicGuide).

Download : Map of Wyoming - Trouble Is