vineri, 4 iulie 2008

The Sneetches - Slow (1991)

“The Sneetches' third album (and their first to feature the group's final lineup of singer/guitarists Matt Carges and Mike Levy, drummer Daniel Swan, and new bassist Alec Palao, better known as co-editor of the '60s pop fanzine Cream Puff War), 1991's Slow, isn't quite the equal of their 1990 career high-point, Sometimes That's All We Have, although it stays on that album's course: dreamy, often languid melodies meander under lushly overdubbed harmonies singing Carges and Levy's occasionally quirky, often intriguing lyrics. Slow is a bit more musically varied than their earlier records, moving easily from the shoegaze neo-psychedelia of songs like "Over Round Each Other" directly into the sunny, British Invasion-like surfaces of "What's in Your Mind." The production is pristine without being antiseptic, and the band's usual mix of mod and punk influences peek through, along with unexpected new textures like the almost bossa nova feel of the ballad "Heloise." Newcomers should still probably start with Sometimes That's All We Have or the excellent compilation 1985-1991, but Slow is where they should go next.” (From AllMusicGuide).

Download : The Sneetches - Slow