luni, 21 iulie 2008

Stump - A Fierce Pancake (1988)

Stump were an Anglo-Irish indie/experimental/rock group featuring Mick Lynch (vocals), Kev Hopper (bass), Rob McKahey (drums) and Chris Salmon (guitar) formed in London in 1983. Their first release was a four track EP Mud on a Colon released in 1986 through the Ron Johnson record label. This was followed by a self released mini album Quirk Out produced by Hugh Jones which included their cult hit Buffalo. An album A Fierce Pancake released in 1988 was recorded in Berlin and London produced by Holger Hiller with assistance from Stephen Street. The album did not bring the crossover success the label had hoped for and the band split before any new material was released.

Download : Stump - A Fierce Pancake