sâmbătă, 12 iulie 2008

The Crystal Set - Umbrella (1989)

“The Crystal Set was a Sydney-based Australian indie rock band formed in the early 1980s featuring Russell Kilbey (bass and lead vocals), Phillip Maher(guitar & vocals), Davey Ray Moor (keyboards & vocals) and Tim Seckhold (drums).
The Crystal Set were influenced by Sydney band Honky and the Cats members Phil Limon and HJ Watson and often played gigs around Sydney together as adouble act.The band released its first single, "A Drop In The Ocean", independently. It was signed to Red Eye Records owned by John Foy and the first single was re-issued through Red Eye. Their next two singles, "Wholly Holy" and "Benefit Of The Doubt", were moderate indie hits on the small but enthusiastic east coast Australian scene.
With the departure of Davey Ray Moor, Craig Hooper (formerly of The Reels) stepped in and the band released "Cluster". One side of the Red Eye released ep featured songs recorded with Moor while the other side featured compositions with Hooper. Upon Hooper's departure, Russell Kilbey was then left to take up duties on guitar and vocals and Luke Blackburn, a Melbourne musician, joined as bassist and vocalist.” (From Wikipedia).

Download : The Crystal Set - Umbrella