miercuri, 23 iulie 2008

Tactics - My Houdini (1981)

“Tactics was a band formed in the late 1970s in Canberra by David Studdert (vocals & rhythm guitar), Angus Douglas (lead guitar) and Robert Whittle (drums), with bass players Steve K (1977), Steve Ball (1978) and Geoff Marsh (1979-81). With Marsh as bass player, they moved to Sydney and quickly became known for running against the grain musically, lyrically, and stylistically. Always fronted by songwriter Studdert, the lineup changed marginally for each album until they finally called it a day in 1990. After moving to the UK during the 90s, Studdert formed Mumbo Jumbo - touring and releasing an album - before a brief stint back in Australia where he fronted an 8-piece band called The Inside Up in 2000/2001.
Tactics' first album, My Houdini was released in 1980 to critical acclaim, and captured the energy of their live sound with clarity & passion. Its overall colours were deepened by some slower, more reflective songs such as 'The Usual', 'Frozen Park' and 'A Settler's Complaint', which weren't present in their live set. Finding style through natural arrangement, everything was considered, even saxes and flutes make an appearance despite those days of the DIY (post)punk police. The album stood out from anything else at the time not least because of its songs and playing, but for the studio experiments with a natural flow of ideas. Though a cohesive identifiable whole, no song repeats itself.” (From Wikipedia).

Download : Tactics - My Houdini