sâmbătă, 14 iunie 2008

House of Freaks - Monkey on a Chain Gang (1987)

‘While such groups as the White Stripes, the Black Keys, the Kills, and the Evens made the notion of a guitar-and-drums duo fairly commonplace in the early 21st century, the idea of two guys making music without the help of a bassist was considered unusual indeed when Bryan Harvey and Johnny Hott formed House of Freaks. Fueled by stripped-down blues and folk-rock songs propelled by Hott's muscular drumming and the chock-a-block guitar work of Harvey, House of Freaks (the name was drawn from an old circus poster) was formed in the duo's hometown of Richmond, VA, in 1986. Harvey and Hott pulled up stakes and moved to Los Angeles, where they scored a contract with Rhino Records, releasing their debut single, "Bottom of the Ocean," in late 1987, with the album Monkey on a Chain Gang following in early 1988. The album earned rave reviews and college radio airplay and still sounds completely fresh today.” (From AllMusicGuide).

Download : House of Freaks - Monkey on a Chain Gang