joi, 5 iunie 2008

The Sneetches - Sometimes That's All We Have (1989)

“San Francisco's Sneetches, guitarist Matt Carges, singer/guitarist Mike Levy, drummer Daniel Swan and, from Slow on, bassist Alejandro (Alec) Palao are one of the most tasteful, consistently tuneful pop bands on the American scene. Echoes of the Zombies, Left Banke and Easybeats (they've covered songs by all three) abound; simple, uncluttered arrangements let their like-minded originals' substantial charms shine through. 'Sometimes That's All We Have' delivers what Lights Out! only promised. Behind the engaging, sunny choruses and bouncy lovescapes lies a healthy dose of Syd Barrett-sized neuroses. The album is bursting with brilliant production and arranging ideas: the piano and handclap break in the rocking "Nowhere at All," the worn-vinyl intro to "Another Shitty Day," pedal steel and finger-snapping on "Don't Turn Back," the almost campy ooh-la-la-la's of "In a Perfect Place." The songs by Levy and Carges float right into your subconscious, and the band displays its muscle when you least expect it.” (From MySpace)

Download : The Sneetches - Sometimes That's All We Have