duminică, 22 iunie 2008

The Steppes - Drop of the Creature (1987)

“Part Led Zeppelin, part Beatles, The Steppes were one of the finest American guitar / psych / rock bands of the eighties. Featuring the Fallon brothers skilfull Irish song-writing and duel vocal harmonies, Tim Gilman's Quicksilver like guitar and Jim Bailey's solid drumming; The Steppes won over audiences across Europe & the 'States, releasing 5 albums on Voxx in the process.
Drop Of The Creature was recorded in 1986 and was released in 1987. Almost immediately, the album catapulted The Steppes on to the international stage. Featuring a front cover photo of the band dressed as Edwardian dandies with a purple, tie-dyed back drop and a shot of a ruined castle on the reverse, it was an album that oozed atmosphere and style. Recorded on a low budget, basically live, but with some guitar and vocal overdubs, its diversity allows repeat listenings without tiring and is proof that big budgets do not necessarily produce good music. The opening cut, A Play On Wordsworth, is a frantic and inspired fusion of West Coast acid guitar exploration and poetic vision. Its afterburn is cooled by the wistful acoustic charm of Somebody Waits. Holding Up Well can only really be described as Country Joe and the Fish meets Fairport Convention, as liquid guitar licks interplay with keyboard runs, soaring vocals and Jim Bailey's solidly complex drumming. Make Us Bleed is similarly exhilarating as Tim Gilman lets fly with the most achingly beautiful riff in the mid section of the song. In contrast, See You Around is class psychedelic guitar pop and when the LP gets weird, it does so with grace, as during the bizarre Black Forest Friday - a piece of music that opens out like an acid warped musical box - and Bigger Than Life, which is soaked in backward fuzz guitar. John's and Dave's distinctive vocal harmonies are constantly magnetic throughout, intertwining around lyrics that combine Romantic Mysticism, acid visions and more down to earth boy meets girl imagery.” (From delerium.co.uk.).

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