luni, 16 iunie 2008

Trip Shakespeare - Across the Universe (1990)

Harvard student Matt Wilson found percussionist Elaine Harris (a Harvard grad herself) after placing an ad for someone with "wicked percussion hands". Matt dropped out of Harvard and returned home to Minneapolis to establish Trip Shakespeare along with John Munson, a Chinese-Language major at the University of Minnesota.
Only a trio at the release of their first album Applehead Man in 1986 (Re-released in 1988), the band expanded to include another Harvard student: Matt's elder brother Dan Wilson.
Trip Shakespeare's music is defined by three part harmonies, catchy guitar hooks and intelligent lyrics.
Across the Universe is a too-rare example of an indie act benefiting musically from major-label treatment. With Fred Maher co-producing, the quartet tightens its sound while maintaining its identity. A new version of "Pearle," originally recorded on Applehead Man, demonstrates how much Trip has grown; the playing is more confident and interactive than ever, with an increased rock edge that doesn't detract from the gentle charm of "Turtledove," "Gone, Gone, Gone," "Snow Days" (sung by bassist John Munson) and "The Crane." "The Crane" was also featured on an EP released prior to Across the Universe, along with three dandy live versions of older Trip tunes.

Download : Trip Shakespeare - Across the Universe