luni, 30 iunie 2008

True West - Drifters (1984)

“True West may have been part of California's psychedelic underground, but the Davis quintet definitely had a sound and style all its own. Drawing inspiration from Syd Barrett (the band's first release was a single of his "Lucifer Sam," reprised on the EP) and Roky Erickson, they played a frenetic, dense drone with crazed guitars and dramatic vocals.
Drummer Jozef Becker left to rejoin Thin White Rope; True West recorded the Drifters album with his not-so-good replacement. The nine new songs (reprising "And Then the Rain" from the French LP) showcase Gavin Blair's vocals as much as Tolman's inventive, original guitar work. A strikingly good record that escapes the strictures of neo-psychedelia by incorporating folk-rock ambience, Drifters retains just enough raw-edged aggression to keep things from getting unacceptably melodious. "Look Around" is the clear standout, but other numbers — "Shot You Down" and "Hold On," for instance — also marry engaging sound and arrangements to solid songwriting.” (From TrouserPress).

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