duminică, 8 iunie 2008

The Summer Suns - The Summer Suns (1986)

The Summer Suns (1985-1996) were a Perth band that played a blend of 1960s folk rock and 1970s power pop with an emphasis on melody. Formed by Kim Williams as a vehicle for his songwriting, the Summer Suns had a revolving door line-up that included most of Perth's best pop musicians at one time or another, including Dom Mariani, Martin Moon, Joe Algeri, and Pascal Bartolone. Although never gigging outside their "beloved" home town, the Summer Suns can claim fans the world over.

Note : This alum was originally posted on the old Powerpop Lovers blog, so thanks to the original uploaders for their great work.

Download : The Summer Suns - The Summer Suns