sâmbătă, 14 iunie 2008

Miracle Legion - Me and Mr. Ray (1989)

“Miracle Legion were a Connecticut-based band that immediately sprung to life on the heels of post-R.E.M. guitar-rock boom, chiefly because lead singer Mark Mulcahy's voice bore an uncanny resemblance to Michael Stipe's, and the arpeggio guitar structures were akin to Peter Buck's. But the band, Ray Neal; guitar, Jeff Wiederschall; drums and Steven West; bass, and later just Mulcahy and Neal ultimately became unique in their own right.
By the time of the release of their 1989 album Me and Mr. Ray, Mark Mulcahey and Neal Ray had become a duo and recorded this smart set of acoustic songs. Mulcahey has emerged as a great folk-rock singer in his own right, no longer trying to cop Michael Stipe, though through no fault of his own there are traces of Van Morrison and Mike Scott in his rush to spit out the verbiage, set to sturm und drang guitar work. He might have found some popularity in the singer-songwriter renaissance that would soon follow, but he began to fade from the public eye just as he was coming into his own.” (From AllMusicGuide).

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