sâmbătă, 7 iunie 2008

The Miracle Workers - Inside Out (1985)

The Miracle Workers were a rock and roll band in the 1980s, who began as a garage rock revival band in Portland, Oregon and then moved to Los Angeles in 1986, upon which they incorporated more hard rock and alternative rock influences paralleling the grunge scene in Seattle. The Miracle Workers were amongst the founding bands of the stoner rock movement. Due to problems with drug use by some members of the band, they split up in 1992.
The Miracle Workers were formed in January 1982 by Gerry Mohr (vocals), and Joel Barnett (bass guitar). The original guitarist and drummer, who were friends of Gerry's, but weren't interested in garage rock, left the band early on. Matt Rogers, a friend of Joel's, became the guitarist. Ron Sheridan became the drummer, though would later leave to pursue a business career. The band stabilized in 1984, with the addition of Dan Demiankow (guitar, organ), and Gene Trautmann (drums). Their debut LP, Inside Out was recorded in Los Angeles. This is the band's most successful LP, and received critical acclaim in North America and Europe. Recorded in less than 2 days, this is their classic, every song is a monster. A fantastic garage rock revival album.

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