joi, 26 iunie 2008

The Mutton Birds - Envy of Angels (1996)

“The New Zealand pop band the Mutton Birds was led by singer/guitarist Don McGlashan, already a highly regarded figure in his native land for his work in the legendary post-punk-era group Blam Blam Blam. Also including ex-Six Volts guitarist David Long and drummer Ross Burge, the group began recording their debut album in late 1991; following its completion, former Dribbling Darts bassist Alan Gregg was recruited to fill out the lineup.
Envy of Angels could have been recorded ten years earlier considering its invocation of the new south -- in particular the moodiness of Dumptruck -- not to mention similarities to more commercial guitar rock of the same period, such as that of 54-40. Perhaps it isn't a coincidence that Hugh Jones, who also worked with Dumptruck, produced Envy of Angels. He renders the Mutton Birds' guitar strum and jangle in more solemn than bright tones, which suits the sometimes poetic lyrics and unusual chord progressions. There are plenty of hooks in these songs, with "April" and "While You Sleep" being only two standouts. Despite the album's strengths, there is an obscure quality about Envy of Angels that will preserve the Mutton Birds' cult status while rewarding those listeners who find them.” (From AllMusicGuide).

Download : The Mutton Birds - Envy of Angels