marți, 3 iunie 2008

Sad Lovers And Giants - Feeding The Flame (1983)

“Sad Lovers & Giants are a rock band from Watford, England who formed in 1981. Their sound blends post-punk, atmospheric keyboards and psychedelia and has seen them described as 'a pastoral Pink Floyd'. The band's members have included Garçe (vocals), Tristan Garel-Funk (who went on to form The Snake Corps) (guitar), Tony McGuinness (now part of the trance trio Above & Beyond) (Guitar), Cliff Silver (bass), Ian Gibson (bass), David Wood (keyboards and saxophone), Juliet Sainsbury (keyboards) and Nigel Pollard (drums & percussion). The original line up produced two studio albums, Epic Garden Music and Feeding the Flame, but split up in 1983 on the verge of commercial success. European interest in the band began to grow and with the release of the second album ,Feeding the Flame, they toured in Germany and Holland gaining a dedicated fan base. Artistically, Feeding the Flame is considered to be their finest work and hints at a potential that could have elevated them to the status of their contemporaries The Chameleons, The Cocteau Twins and Modern English. But tensions within the band caused a complete disintegration, with Tristan Garel-Funk and Nigel Pollard leaving to form The Snake Corps.” (From Wikipedia).

Download : Sad Lovers And Giants - Feeding The Flame