duminică, 22 iunie 2008

Numbers - Add Up (1979)

The Numbers were :
Coleman York (drums, backing vocals)
Jim Kennedy (rhythm guitar, backing vocals)
Ed Blocki (lead vocals, bass guitar)
Peter Evans (lead vocals, lead/rhythm guitar, keyboards)
Colin "Archie" Gerrard (keyboards vocals; replaced Kennedy 1980)

“With Canadian record label Attic Records always on the cutting edge of new, innovative ways of developing talent while keeping costs low, they hit on the idea of a no-frills label called Basement Records. Their first signing was Toronto act, The Numbers, in 1979. The band went into the Soundstage studios in Toronto in October of that year with Jack Richardson's son Garth Richardson producing.
Attic co-owner Tom Williams wanted the Numbers to be the first album released in 1980 so, at 9:00 AM on New Year's day, key radio music directors and journalists were sent a copy of the album 'Add Up' to their homes along with a Bloody Caesar alcoholic beverage. The ploy worked as The Numbers received a bit of activity with the first single, "Sideways Elevator", but when it came time to follow that up with a second album the band demanded a larger production defeating the ability for Basement Records to live up to its mandate. As a result the band made a deal to re-sign with Attic Records under the new name Hot Tip (whereby Jim Kennedy was replaced by keyboardist Colin Gerrard). Unfortunately, the band broke up shortly after its two singles could be released in 1981.” (from Canoe’s Canadian encyclopedia of music).
This album, along with The Heats – Have an Idea is my favourite power pop album at this moment. Every song is catchy as hell, absolute power pop perfection. It’s a shame this was never released on CD.
Note : This album was posted last year also on Wilfully Obscure blog, a fantastic blog that I recommend to anyone. You'll find this blog on my favourite blog list.
Ranked nr. 134 on 'Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power Pop Guide' by John Borack.

Download : Numbers - Add Up