vineri, 27 iunie 2008

The Lolas - Silver Dollar Sunday (2001)

“Alabama-based power pop/bubblegum combo the Lolas formed in 1998 around vocalist/guitarist Tim Boykin (ex-Shame Idols), drummer Mark Reynolds, and bassist Walon Smith.
In the album's liner notes, the writer, taking a quote from Jon Landau when describing Bruce Springsteen, says, "I have heard the past, present and (hopefully) the future of power pop, and it is the Lolas." Such a quote is a high plateau to attain, but the core trio meets the challenge with flying power pop colors. The adorable harmonies with a Byrds-era bridge on "Who Am I Talking To" is just one of the many highlights within. Knowing when to cut across the grain is also another highlight, as "See Yer Picture Too" kicks the album out of a possible formulaic sag. The early-'60s British Invasion is another visible influence, as the simple no-nonsense tempo is rigid and non-conforming. Handclaps and sing-along choruses are aplenty from start to finish, with the only aspect missing being the hiss and crackles from the needle touching the vinyl. Also added to the mix is the occasional touch of urgency, such as "Silver Lakes," a two-minute stomp through party rock. A miscue occurs during the softer, tender ballad of "Long Time," which could break out into full arena rock chords but stays close to the vest instead. Nonetheless, it's a very credible and at times incredible album that recaptures past power pop glories while plowing ahead.” (From AllMusicGuide).

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