sâmbătă, 28 iunie 2008

The Moberlys - First Album (1979)

“For aficionados of late '70s American power-pop, the Moberlys' eponymous debut may be something of a lost treasure. Falling halfway between sunny, innocent '60s guitar-pop and ironic, nervy post-punk pop à la Jonathan Richman, the Moberlys are garage punks that have their hearts set on being obnoxious, but their talents lie in effortlessly catchy miniture pop songs. That means that the raucous hardcore-wannabe "She Got Fucked" encapsulates their attitude but not their sound. The Moberlys and lead singer/songwriter Jim Basnight were into catchy little songs and this debut shows that they could pull it off with the right amount of snotty defiance. The Moberlys is the kind of record that will only appeal to hardcore power-pop fans, but they will know that it's a real find.” (From AllMusicGuide).

Download : The Moberlys - First Album